Welcome to Hope Student Ministries.

Welcome to the Hope Community Church Student Ministry! This ministry includes students from sixth grade to twelth grade. 

In the Student Ministry, our vision is four-fold: 

  • To build a community of young believers in Christ who are united in the cause of maturing in and spreading the Gospel.
  • To encourage and build deep family relationships between the students of our youth group and their parents. 
  • To make young disciples of Jesus who in turn make other disciples.
  • To create a deep desire for students to serve in their church, community, and around the world. 

In order to see this vision come to life, our students meet together on a weekly basis for our Wednesday Night Services and Sunday Night Bible Studies where they participate in Jesus-centered teaching, small groups which are typically broken down by age and gender and are led by our incredible student team, student-led worship, and community building games and activities. 


Every Wednesday we meet from 6:00pm-7:30pm in the church Sanctuary for a time of worship and teaching. In each service, students can expect to participate in a game, video, or activity; prayer groups which are led by appointed students; student-led worship; a Gospel-centered sermon; and small groups, broken down by grade and gender, which are led by our incredible student team, where we unpack the sermon together and discuss how to implement what’s been taught into our daily lives. After the service each week, we typically go out to have a meal together. Students do not have to go out to eat, but we encourage any and everyone to join. 

Time: 6pm-7:30pm

Where: Church Sanctuary

What to Bring: Bible

*Please note that ANY time Anderson OR Franklin County Schools are canceled due to weather, we also will be canceled* 


Every Sunday, we meet from 6:30pm-8:00pm at the church office building for a time of fellowship and Bible Study. At every Bible Study, students can expect a meal that has been prepared by parent volunteers, a time of fellowship and hanging out, and an hour of Bible Study in small groups that are divided by age and gender, which are led by our incredible student team. The Bible Studies are different for each group and are chosen by our student team members for the maturity of their own group. 

Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Where: Church Office Building

What to Bring: Bible

*Please note that Bible Studies are subject to cancelation due to bad weather* 


One of the best ways for you to keep up with everything that is happening with Hope's Student Ministry is through our social media pages. Click, like, or follow us today to find out what's happening this week and how you can join in!


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